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Responsive Centered YouTube Video
Investigating excessive antibody response in COVID-19 booster shots.
  • Dr. Philip McMillan discusses the importance of analyzing COVID-19 within the framework of autoimmunity. 0:04

  • Encourages audience to follow his work on Substack due to potential content restrictions on YouTube. 1:12

  • Raises the question of whether excessive antibody response can occur from COVID-19 boosters. 1:29

Analysis of antibody levels post-covid boosters reveals varying responses across age groups.
  • Antibody levels vary across age groups post-booster injections. 2:11

  • Target levels for antibodies are set at 179 ng/ml and 800 ng/ml or higher. 2:33

  • Older age groups have higher antibody levels, indicating better protection against covid-19. 3:26

Optimal antibody response levels for effective covid protection.
  • Reflect on body’s perfect response in normal situations. 3:50

  • Study on anti-spike antibody response to natural infection in general population. 4:14

  • Targeting natural infection antibody levels for effective covid vaccine protection. 4:34