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Responsive Centered YouTube Video
Celebration of achieving top rank on Amazon with 'Humming Heroes' book and upcoming webinar on autoimmunity.
  • Acknowledgment of support from viewer. 0:26

  • Instructions on how to subscribe despite hidden butto. 1:00

  • Announcement of upcoming webinar on autoimmunity and Covid-1. 1:41

  • Explanation on the importance of nitric oxide in Covid-19 case. 2:31

Innovative book promoting the benefits of humming to boost immunity and fight viruses.
  • Book emphasizes how humming increases nitric oxide in sinuses to enhance immune system. 3:39

  • Competition analysis shows ‘Humming Heroes’ ranking as number one in its category on Amazon. 4:10

  • Encouraging pre-orders for both ebook and physical copies, especially hardcover edition. 5:24

  • Addresses the limited options for virus prevention and highlights the potential of humming as a population-level antiviral solution. 6:15

  • Author plans to explain the scientific concept further in an upcoming course. 7:05

Innovative blend of science, story, and imagery to educate on nitric oxide through 'Humming Heroes'.
  • Combination of science, story, and images to explain sinuses and nitric oxide. 7:56

  • Importance of understanding science for daily life applications. 8:48

  • Request for ongoing support to raise awareness of nitric oxide and ‘Humming Heroes’. 9:30

  • Ancient practices like chanting and humming now supported by science. 9:39

  • Inclusion of glossary for complex terms in the book for better understanding. 9:56