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Responsive Centered YouTube Video
Investigation into potential impact of Covid vaccines on athletic performance and underlying mechanisms.
  • Dr. McMillan’s research focuses on autoimmunity in Covid since early 2020. 0:05

  • Upcoming presentation on abnormal heart physiology post-vaccination. 0:59

  • Concerns raised about reduced athletic capacity in vaccinated athletes. 3:20

  • Reference to Novak Djokovic’s decision to skip tournaments due to vaccination concerns. 3:51

Study on Covid vaccine impact on athletes' performance through graded exercise tests.
  • Study aimed to assess impact of Covid vaccines on athletes’ performance through graded exercise tests. 4:18

  • Concern among athletic community that vaccination may hinder athletic performance addressed. 5:18

  • 18 athletes participated in the study, with 12 receiving Covid vaccines and 6 not vaccinated. 7:16

  • Participants underwent submaximal graded exercise test on cycling ergometer with blood samples taken. 8:09

  • Study conducted to reassure athletes about getting Covid vaccine without hindering performance. 8:32

Impact of recent Covid-19 vaccination on athletic performance and physiological responses.
  • Recent Covid-19 vaccination may lead to modest increases in physiological demands during exercise. 8:39

  • Vaccination could improve metabolic response in individuals previously infected with SARS COV-2. 8:56

  • Changes in serum lactate levels and adrenaline response observed post-vaccination. 9:03

  • Potential impact on athletic performance in vaccinated individuals, especially in high-intensity sports like the Olympics. 10:06

  • Further insights to be shared in upcoming presentation on marathon times and physiological effects. 10:54