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Exploration of immune-mediated inflammatory diseases post COVID-19 vaccination reveals lack of information and potential issues.
  • Focus on vaccine vasculitis and autoimmune response triggered by COVID-19 vaccination. 0:04

  • Importance of cautious immune system stimulation during pandemic. 0:32

  • Discussion of recent paper on new onset rheumatic immune inflammatory diseases post vaccination. 1:06

  • Concerns raised about lack of information on immune-mediated inflammatory diseases post COVID-19 vaccination. 3:06

Investigating potential vaccine-related vasculitis and its implications.
  • 271 cases from 39 countries between January 2021 and May 2023 were studied for vasculitis 3:58

  • Concern over the possibility of autoimmune reactions to mRNA vaccines 4:44

  • Autoimmune vasculitis targets blood vessels through immune system response 6:02

  • Different types of vasculitis can damage blood vessels in various ways 6:36

  • Damage to blood vessel lining leads to inflammation, a critical aspect of vasculitis 7:26

Potential risks of vaccine-induced vasculitis and overlooked autoimmune response in COVID-19 vaccines.
  • Damage to blood vessel lining can lead to clot formation, causing blockages and issues with blood flow. 7:56

  • Severe COVID-19 described as lung vasculitis, leading to micro thrombi and blockages in the lungs. 9:05

  • Autoimmune response may target normal proteins due to mimicry with spike proteins, posing a risk with vaccines. 10:03

  • Scientific community may have overlooked autoimmune response in vaccine development. 10:37

  • Study demographics included patients from Japan, India, Turkey, China, and South Korea receiving various vaccines. 10:55

Exploring potential risks of vaccine-induced vasculitis and the need for further investigation.
  • Vaccine-induced vasculitis may be associated with spike proteins from various vaccines. 11:14

  • Different vaccines have varying rates of vasculitis, with Pfizer having the highest reported cases. 11:31

  • Limited systematic reviews on post-vaccination inflammatory diseases highlight gaps in understanding. 12:48

  • Onset of symptoms after vaccination is short-lived, with most cases responding to steroids. 14:23

  • Current cases of vaccine-induced vasculitis are considered rare and manageable with treatment. 14:58

  • There is a need for further research to determine the significance and implications of vaccine-induced vasculitis. 15:16

Potential discovery of autoimmune response post mRNA vaccines raises concerns for future health implications.
  • Study found 28.57% of healthcare workers developed autoantibodies after receiving Pfizer vaccines. 15:34

  • Increased levels of autoantibodies observed in individuals with pre-existing autoimmune conditions. 16:38

  • Concerns raised about potential long-term autoimmune vasculitis development. 16:46

  • Lack of incentive to investigate potential vaccine-related autoimmune responses. 17:05

  • Limited understanding hinders opportunities for mitigation of health risks. 17:15

  • Even a small percentage of population affected could have significant global health implications. 17:33

  • Continued exploration of COVID-19 vaccine-induced autoimmunity is crucial for public health. 17:45