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The importance of understanding past research on SARS in developing effective vaccines against COVID-19.
  • Research on animal models showed virus presence in lungs before symptoms, highlighting the need for effective upper airway mucosal system. 0:16

  • 17 years of research on SARS provided a foundation for understanding and building knowledge on SARS-CoV-2. 1:04

Challenges in developing vaccines for SARS due to immune pathology and allergic responses.
  • Live attenuated influenza and coronavirus vaccines failed and caused immune pathology. 1:51

  • Standard platforms for vaccine development against SARS were ineffective. 2:23

  • Injectable vaccines for SARS triggered allergic responses, leading to caution in development. 2:45

Limitations of mRNA vaccines against highly mutable RNA viruses and the importance of developing effective therapeutics.
  • Not all viruses are amenable to vaccination. 3:21

  • Reasons why vaccinating against highly mutable RNA viruses is ineffective. 3:42

  • Suggestion to pivot resources towards developing effective therapeutics. 4:01