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Investigation needed on potential link between white fibrous clots and COVID-19 vaccines.
  • Two-thirds of embalmers report seeing unusual white fibrous clots in veins and arteries. 0:03

  • Clots appearing in arteries alongside traditional vein clots, starting in 2020 or 2021 and continuing into 2023. 0:21

  • Up to 50% of embalmers are encountering these clots, indicating a common occurrence. 1:17

  • Urgent call for FDA and CDC investigation into potential link between COVID-19 vaccines and clots. 1:30

Lack of response from FDA regarding abnormal clots investigation.
  • FDA did not allow oral presentation on abnormal clots data 2:22

  • FDA received written information on abnormal clots but did not act on it 2:57

  • Request for nationwide investigation on abnormal clots 3:16

  • Surprise at FDA’s lack of curiosity in investigating abnormal clots 3:46

Lack of thorough investigation into abnormal blood clots post-vaccination raises concerns in the medical community.
  • Insufficient autopsies hinder detection of abnormal patterns in vaccinated individuals. 4:11

  • Embalmer observations of abnormal clots are not being adequately addressed by medical and regulatory bodies. 4:35

  • Comparison made to military response to public reports highlights the lack of urgency in investigating the issue. 4:48

  • Surprising lack of in-depth investigation into white virus clots despite significant findings in embalmer studies. 5:10