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Groundbreaking research reveals presence of Spike protein in vaccinated individuals.
  • Research shows Spike protein lasts over 180 days in vaccinated individuals 0:29

  • Detection of Spike protein in blood of vaccinated individuals raises concerns about molecular mechanisms 1:37

  • Study published in August 2023 sheds light on Spike protein detection in vaccinated cohort 1:44

Investigation on long-term impact of mRNA vaccines on reproductivity and spike protein circulation.
  • Presentation on infertility vaxNightmare and long-term reproductivity impact. 02:15

  • Research on spike protein circulation after mRNA vaccination. 02:47

  • Comparison of MRNA Spike protein and Spike protein from natural infection. 04:01

Significant duration of Spike protein production in vaccinated individuals compared to non-vaccinated.
  • Vaccinated individuals continued Spike protein production for up to 187 days. 5:06

  • Non-vaccinated individuals showed no Spike protein detection after infection. 5:17

  • Importance of thorough analysis to ensure accurate findings. 5:27

  • Challenges to address pandemic and reevaluate strategies. 6:00

  • Need for learning from past errors to improve future responses. 6:21