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Exploring the historical link between smoking and lung cancer, with implications for understanding potential links between Covid and cancer.
  • Dr. McMillan discusses the potential link between Covid and cancer from different perspectives. 0:05

  • The historical context of smoking and lung cancer is used to draw parallels and provide insights. 0:48

  • Research spanning 160 years shows lung cancer as a leading cause of death with low survival rates. 2:20

  • The tobacco industry’s handling of questions regarding smoking and cancer is highlighted. 3:03

History repeats: Tobacco industry's denial of research findings to promote product safety.
  • Tobacco industry fought back against research findings in 1940s and 50s. 3:30

  • Established industry research commission to fund biased research. 4:02

  • Used public relations campaigns to cast doubt on anti-tobacco research. 4:15

  • Current issues with censorship hindering objective science. 4:48

  • Examined cancer statistics in UK from January 2020 to December 2023. 5:30

  • Notable trend observed in cancer statistics over the period. 5:57

  • Detailed breakdown of the data showed no significant increase. 6:06

Impact of changing cancer treatment metrics on diagnosis trends and potential future surge in cancer deaths.
  • Upward trend in cancer patients receiving first treatment, particularly in 2023. 6:34

  • Change in metrics in 2023 from first treatment to first and subsequent treatments. 7:37

  • Importance of focusing on cancer diagnosis and referral rates for understanding future trends in cancer deaths. 8:07

  • Historical use of doctors by tobacco industry to promote smoking. 9:03

Deception by tobacco industry on cigarette smoking and cancer link in 1950s.
  • Tobacco industry promoted doubt on cigarette-cancer link in 1950s. 9:32

  • Advertising strategies shifted when evidence of harm emerged in mid-1950s. 10:05

  • Statement challenging cancer link due to mice study was published in 1950s. 10:29

  • Authorities claimed no agreement on cigarette smoking as cause of lung cancer. 10:54

  • Similar tactics of denial and deception seen in history repeating itself. 11:40

  • Repetition of claim that products are not harmful despite evidence. 12:04

Exploring the potential link between Covid **** and cancer, questioning rising numbers and lack of investigation.
  • Rising numbers with unidentified cause. 12:27

  • Lack of incentive to find answer. 12:35

  • Caution against information sources possibly influenced by industr. 12:51

  • Historical parallel with smoking lobby denia. 13:08

  • Need for advocates and seekers of answers in challenging scientific time. 13:59