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Concerns raised about high levels of microclots in long-haul COVID-19 patients undergoing testing.
  • Dr. Robin Rose expresses alarm over abnormal inflammatory markers and high microthrombi levels in long-haul COVID-19 patients. 0:04

  • Dr. Rose highlights the disturbing findings of 3.5 to 4 out of 4 grade microthrombi in tested patients. 2:13

  • Control group patients also show concerning levels of microclots, indicating a broader issue. 2:55

  • Further research and work are needed to address the implications of these findings. 3:03

Potential link between vaccines and elevated microclots in individuals without symptoms raises concerns.
  • Control group without symptoms showed elevated microclots, indicating underlying issues. 3:41

  • Study in 2022 found extensive fibrin amyloid microclots in patients with long COVID. 4:51

  • Addition of Spike protein to plasma induced clot formation, resistant to breakdown. 6:22

  • Circulating Spike proteins post-vaccination may increase risk of clotting. 7:12

Potential link between vaccines and microclots observed during blood filtration process.
  • Unusual fibrous clots observed during blood filtration process in patients. 7:54

  • Microclotting and amyloid structures seen in patients with long covid, regardless of vaccination status. 9:26

  • Importance of investigating abnormal protein patterns in blood to understand disease development. 10:06

  • Urgent need for scientific community to address and clarify potential implications of observed patterns in patients. 10:14

  • Access full congress for more information on recent research findings and discussions. 10:30