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President Biden's statement suggests the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, but data and past experiences indicate otherwise.
  • President Biden declared the pandemic to be over, citing the lack of mask-wearing as evidence. 0:16

  • The speaker disagrees with the notion of the pandemic being over, highlighting statistics and insights. 0:39

  • The situation is compared to the initial stages of the pandemic when people did not take it seriously. 3:03

Analysis of COVID-19 cases worldwide, with focus on Africa and concerns about ongoing pandemic.
  • Decrease in COVID-19 cases and deaths in some region. 3:28

  • Concern about rising excess deaths and concentration of cases in Europe and North Americ. 3:44

  • Notable absence of significant cases in Afric. 4:31

  • Previous observation of low cases in Africa questioned due to global trend. 5:03

  • Worry about a variant evading the immune system leading to high cases in other parts of the worl. 6:07

Caution needed as COVID-19 pandemic may not be over globally due to potential rise in cases in upcoming months.
  • Historically, lower COVID-19 cases in summer months followed by a rise in cases in winter month. 6:27

  • Need to follow scientific guidance to avoid mistakes in pandemic strategie. 7:13

  • Risk of autoimmune complications increases with higher circulation of viru. 7:30

  • Caution advised for next three to six months globally regarding underestimating the pandemi. 8:24

  • Join sub stack for more insights on COVID-19 science and preparedness for the futur. 8:34