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Responsive Centered YouTube Video
Insights on upcoming Long Covid Coalition Congress and expert speakers.
  • Long Covid Coalition Congress next week on Sunda. 0:58

  • Importance of understanding Long Covid impac. 1:14

  • Bringing global experts to discuss research on Long Covi. 2:04

  • Critical care doctor’s interest in solving pandemic issue. 2:39

  • Founder of Long Covid 19 Foundation looking forward to speaker. 3:05

Insights on Omicron sub-variants and COVID-19 vaccine efficacy discussed by global medical experts.
  • Global medical experts discuss Omicron sub-variants and COVID-19 vaccine efficacy. 3:35

  • Dr. Abdul Mundi, a researcher from Pakistan, focuses on cerebral thrombosis and coagulation. 4:07

  • Professor Anja Baranova from George Mason University studies the pathogenesis of Long COVID. 4:40

  • Dr. Dabri Kiprov, founder of Global Aid, shares insights on medical aid initiatives. 5:18

  • Dr. Shankar Rachetti from South Africa delves into clinical presentations and pathogenesis of COVID-19. 5:38

Importance of diversified strategies in combating COVID-19 and the limitations of relying solely on vaccination.
  • Vaccination is crucial but should not be the sole strategy against COVID-19. 7:42

  • Need for alternative contingency plans to support vaccination efforts. 8:03

  • Multiple approaches are necessary in dealing with complex conditions like COVID-19. 8:17

  • Risk of disease remains even after antibody levels fall post-vaccination. 8:45

  • Long COVID represents a different level of post-viral syndrome compared to the flu. 9:45