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Impending rise in autoimmune issues linked to Covid vaccines discussed in research findings.
  • Research focuses on potential autoimmune response to spike protein in Covid vaccines. 0:28

  • Study in Italy suggests a possible autoimmune explosion in 20% of vaccinated individuals. 2:42

  • Evidence of thyroid dysfunction post Pfizer Covid vaccine aligns with ongoing research on autoimmunity. 3:30

Potential increase in autoimmune diseases post-Covid vaccination, based on recent Japanese study.
  • Study on SARS-COV2 BNT162b2 mRNA vaccine’s impact on thyroid autoimmunity. 3:49

  • Research suggests small individual risk but significant population impact. 4:07

  • Japanese study linked Covid vaccine to increased risk of Graves disease. 5:36

  • Calls for more proactive research on vaccine-related autoimmune risks. 6:40

  • Criticism on delay in investigating vaccine side effects despite widespread rollout. 7:01

Autoimmune response observed post-Covid vaccination, potential thyroid gland hyperactivity.
  • Study on 99 healthcare workers showed progressive rise in thyroid autoantibodies post-vaccination. 7:21

  • Thyroid antibody levels increased over 12 months, indicating potential thyrotoxicosis and Graves disease. 8:50

  • Autoantibody response paralleled by gradual fall in thyroid stimulating hormone, suggesting thyroid gland hyperactivity. 9:11

  • Study in 2022 found no significant difference in autoimmune markers post-Pfizer vaccine, benefits outweigh risks. 10:13

Study reveals potential autoimmune response to mRNA vaccines in healthcare workers.
  • Caution urged in interpreting ‘safe and effective’ claims without extensive research. 11:00

  • Research suggests mRNA vaccines may trigger autoimmunity in up to 20% of recipients. 11:22

  • Study showed significant rise in autoantibodies after 12 months post vaccination. 12:27

  • Autoimmune response may affect both new and baseline populations post vaccination. 13:08

  • Long-term studies are crucial to understand unintended consequences of interventions. 13:31

  • Vaccine development typically takes 5 to 10 years to identify patterns and risks. 13:53

  • Reassurances of vaccine safety may lack evidence without long-term research. 14:13

Impending rise in autoimmune diseases due to Covid vaccination impact on population health service delivery.
  • Autoimmunity impact on population health service delivery is significant. 14:33

  • Increase in autoimmune diseases leads to strain on healthcare resources. 14:56

  • Understanding autoimmunity is crucial in addressing Covid-19 challenges. 15:18

  • Autoimmunity likely to rise in population post Covid-19. 16:01

  • Targeting research towards autoimmunity is essential for the future. 16:22