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Responsive Centered YouTube Video
Backlash for questioning Covid science leads to public defamation and isolation.
  • Challenging the effectiveness of vaccines in stopping transmission and ethical concerns. 0:00

  • Criticism of vaccinating certain populations and implementation of QR codes for access. 1:25

  • Controversy over discussing vaccination of children leading to debate shutdown. 2:02

  • State experts organizing press meeting without involving the individual, leading to public backlash. 2:13

  • Media backlash and defamation labeling the individual as a potential murderer and conspiracy theorist. 2:54

Consequences of speaking out against mainstream Covid narrative and facing professional repercussions.
  • Sambrocken faced backlash for challenging Covid science due to his expertise being questioned. 3:14

  • His university colleagues faced negative publicity leading to his dismissal a month later. 3:39

  • Despite losing his academic career, Sambrocken stands by his decision to speak out. 4:00

  • He felt compelled to speak out against fear-mongering and coercion related to Covid vaccination. 5:10

  • Sambrocken believed it was necessary to challenge the narrative, even if impact was limited. 6:15

Challenges faced when speaking out against global governance trends and digitalization.
  • Concerns over unelected bodies governing the global populatio. 7:14

  • Fear of intellectual warfare through digitalization and AI algorithm. 7:38

  • Personal repercussions for voicing dissenting opinion. 8:03

  • Political pressure leading to dismissal from positio. 8:37

  • Validation of actions through government involvemen. 9:09