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Public health crisis looming due to politicians' negligence of excess deaths.
  • Upcoming MP’s debate on 16th January may shed light on critical decision-making. 0:53

  • Importance of understanding the impact of legislative changes on the population. 1:17

  • Presentation on nitric oxide and COVID-19 research scheduled for 25th January. 2:05

  • Kickstarter campaign with Lumen Publishing in a few weeks for new project. 2:39

Failure to acknowledge significant rise in excess deaths poses a threat to public trust.
  • Collaboration on a book about humming heroes inside the nose to simplify science for all ages. 2:47

  • Offering free ebooks to help people understand and apply relevant science in their daily lives. 3:04

  • Initiating discussions on excess deaths in parliament due to a significant increase compared to pre-pandemic levels. 4:19

  • Highlighting a 88.6% rise in excess deaths and a 22% increase in atome deaths as alarming red flags. 4:56

  • Emphasizing the misconception that the virus is harmless due to not causing severe COVID-19 cases. 5:10

Failure to address significant health concerns poses a threat to public trust.
  • Campaign addressing a critical issue across the populatio. 5:30

  • Importance of addressing a pressing issue impacting healt. 5:41

  • Call for understanding the impact of the issue on excess death. 6:00

  • Urgent need for legislation to mandate autopsies for scientific understandin. 6:34

  • Emphasis on the necessity of autopsies in studying disease and health impact. 6:49

  • Discussion on the significance of a past debate and decision on health mandate. 7:25

  • Importance of politicians actively engaging in debates on crucial health matter. 7:51

Impact of Politicians' Decision on Vaccine Mandates in Social Care Sector
  • Health and Social Care Act 2008 amendments debated and voted o. 8:09

  • Amendments focused on vaccine mandates for nursing and personal care in care home. 9:02

  • Significant impact on social care sector as some workers left due to mandate. 9:34

  • Question raised on politicians’ accountability for decisions and outcome. 10:01

  • List of politicians who voted yes or no on the amendments publicly availabl. 10:25

Failure of politicians to address excess deaths risks public trust and population health.
  • Excess deaths raise concerns about politicians’ actions for population well-being. 10:53

  • Importance of thorough investigation and accountability in public health issues. 11:20

  • Politicians’ responsibility to protect population and act on concerning data. 11:35

  • Need for transparency and proactive measures to prevent harm to the population. 12:06