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Discussion on upcoming conference speakers, including Dr. Shetty's insights on post-vax/long COVID challenges.
  • Dr. Shetty’s groundbreaking work on hypersensitivity reaction in severe COVID patient. 0:05

  • Collaboration with Dr. Shetty for years, impressed by his intellect and insight. 2:04

  • Dr. Shetty to discuss post-vax/post-COVID scenario at the conferenc. 4:03

  • Importance of understanding the impact of the virus on the bod. 4:43

Insights on speakers discussing diseases, origins, and interventions in a post-vaccine world.
  • Speakers address major diseases like cardiovascular, neurodegenerative, immunodeficiency, and cancer. 4:52

  • Charles Rixey delves into the lab origin of viruses and potential bio-warfare implications. 6:30

  • Stephanie Seneff’s advocacy against glyphosate and chronic diseases, vindicated by Monsanto trials. 8:26

Insights on experts discussing post-vaccination effects and long-term COVID consequences.
  • Experts discussing glyphosate damage and potential solutions. 9:16

  • Christy Grace’s expertise in lipid nanoparticles and mRNA therapeutics. 10:36

  • Importance of technology survival in the aftermath of the pandemic. 11:45

  • Professor Hans Rosh’s renowned expertise in phyto pharmaceutical compounds. 12:23

  • Focus on the growth potential of traditional medicine post-pandemic fallout. 13:40

Highlighting key speakers and their expertise in nutrition, neurology, and patient care.
  • Rachel Jesse is praised for her expertise in nutrition, biochemistry, and neurological pathways. 14:19

  • Dr. Manan Big is recognized for his contributions to neurosciences and early warnings on COVID-19. 15:52

  • Dr. Tina Paris is commended for her patient-centered approach and work on histamine problems. 17:32

Insights into groundbreaking research on post-vaccination and long COVID treatments by international experts.
  • Dr. Carlo discovered the virus behaves like bacteria, impacting patients’ health significantly. 18:53

  • Dr. Carlo’s research shows viral persistence causing toxic peptides in the bloodstream. 19:17

  • Dr. Robin Rose is a key figure in developing treatment protocols for post-vaccination conditions in the US. 20:26

  • Professor’s treatment methods have shown success in improving severely affected patients, even leading them to walk again. 21:58

  • Collaboration with Professor in Germany to document and enhance treatment protocols for long COVID patients. 22:38

Insights on ongoing research collaborations, long COVID, and pandemic preparedness.
  • Importance of international collaboration in researc. 23:13

  • Significance of collaboration in finding solutions faste. 23:40

  • Expertise of Kevin McCarron in neurosciences and primate researc. 23:57

  • Caution against falling for extreme narratives on long COVID and vaccine. 25:35

  • Comparison to historical flu pandemics for pandemic preparednes. 27:27

Discussion on scientific freedom and censorship in light of historical totalitarian regimes.
  • Speakers emphasized the importance of discussing relevant scientific findings without fear of censorship. 28:00

  • Reminder of the upcoming free conference on 26th and 27th at 6 PM UK time. 28:58

  • List of speakers from various countries including USA, Germany, UK, Pakistan, and Italy. 29:23

  • Continued efforts to raise awareness about the conference in the following weeks. 30:01

  • Appreciation for the participation and commitment to keeping the audience updated. 30:09