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Discussion on the need for reinstating regulations in biotech projects and concerns about class switching response to IgG4.
  • Regulations in biotech projects need to be reinstated globally, including animal testing requirements. 0:00

  • Concerns raised about fast-tracking of drug products without proper testing leading to adverse events. 0:33

  • Call for more regulations and transparency in FDA, CDC, and NIH appointments in light of upcoming elections. 1:00

  • Urgent need to address the class switching response to IgG4 and its implications on reinfection. 2:28

Analysis of post-vaccination complications and potential issues with spike proteins and antibodies.
  • Martis condition linked more to mRNA vaccines than adenovirus vaccines. 3:36

  • Presence of circulating free Spike proteins in adolescents who received Martis. 3:54

  • IgG4 response primarily observed with mRNA vaccines, not adenovirus vaccines. 4:09

  • Concerns about the stability of proteins due to attempts to neutralize furin cleavage site and receptor binding domain. 4:19

  • Potential long-term implications of IgG4 response and spike protein tolerance. 5:00

  • Spike protein desensitization through repeated exposure with the vaccine. 5:47

  • Anticipated involvement of IgG in immune response and potential consequences. 6:23

Discussion on the damaging effects of SARS COV 2, lymphopenia, and the need for candid scientific dialogue.
  • The antibody’s FC portion activates complement, causing damage to various organs. 6:54

  • SARS COV 2 leads to lymphocyte destruction and lymphopenia, resembling acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. 7:09

  • Scientific papers confirm the damaging properties of the virus and its proteins. 7:30

  • Concerns raised about the management of the pandemic and vaccine efficacy. 7:45

  • Call for candid discussions and sharing of information on social media platforms. 9:21

  • Urgency in spreading awareness and addressing misinformation in public discourse. 9:35

  • Importance of sharing valuable information from conferences to a wider audience. 9:52

Discussion on the impact of long-term effects of COVID-19, the need for research funding, and the importance of critical thinking.
  • Expressing gratitude to participants and emphasizing caution against unknown substances. 10:02

  • Calling for health authorities to provide funding for research on long COVID and chronic illnesses. 10:42

  • Highlighting the importance of critical thinking and questioning mainstream narratives. 11:21

  • Urging collaboration and faith as solutions to current challenges. 12:02

  • Promoting awareness of the silent disaster of long COVID and inviting participation in future conferences. 12:57

  • Acknowledging the organizer and participants for their contributions to the discussion. 13:05

Discussion on global immunedisregulation and potential bioweapons in mRNA vaccines.
  • Importance of taking action to address global immunedisregulatio. 13:28

  • Encouragement to have faith, courage, integrity, and leadership in the fight against current challenge. 13:35

  • Highlighting the potential risks associated with mRNA vaccine. 14:02

  • Emphasis on the need for courage, integrity, and leadership to overcome current obstacle. 15:00

  • Announcement of upcoming conference focusing on successful therapie. 15:17

  • Call to action to learn from the discussion and work towards improving the global situatio. 15:40

  • Acknowledgement and gratitude towards the speakers for their contribution. 16:03