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Responsive Centered YouTube Video
Insights from researchers and practitioners on long Covid, vaccine injuries, and strategies for treatment.
  • Researchers and practitioners discussing mechanisms of toxic response to virus and vaccine. 1:28

  • Focus on supporting oral, nasal, and gut microbiomes to reduce Spike replication. 2:29

  • Research on secondary substances, analytics, and enzymatics in herbal medicine. 3:04

Cutting-edge research on post-vaccine and long covid effects by international experts.
  • Experts focus on amyloidosis prions impact in Long Covi. 4:32

  • Blood apheresis systems proposed as treatment for Covid patient. 5:01

  • Association between Long Covid and Muscle Activation Syndrome studie. 6:13

  • Research on vaccine injuries and disease expressions in Covid patient. 6:41

  • Advancements in understanding and treating Covid discussed by groundbreaking researcher. 7:03

Cutting-edge research on RNA injections, lipid nanoparticles, and plasmids in human body impact.
  • Christy Grace, a consultant in project management, presents on RNA injections and recent contamination concerns. 7:32

  • Exploration of issues related to Zetapotential, charges, flocculation, and plasmids’ impact on the human body. 8:02

  • Award, a specialist in businesses protecting the central nervous system, shares his journey in neurological research. 8:57