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Confusion arose from outdated information on UK government website regarding COVID vaccine safety for pregnant women.
  • Initial misinformation about COVID vaccine safety for pregnant women was retracted promptly. 0:15

  • Confusion stemmed from outdated toxicology conclusions on UK government website. 1:14

  • Misinterpretation of document update date led to incorrect assumptions about vaccine safety recommendations. 2:01

  • Retraction and clarification were necessary due to the complexity of information dissemination. 2:46

Updated guidance recommends COVID vaccination for pregnant women and neonates due to increased risks.
  • Risk of COVID infection has worsened for pregnant women and neonates, with a 4x increase in maternal mortality ratio. 3:45

  • Studies show a high rate of stillbirth in infected women, especially during the delta wave. 4:48

  • Pregnant women are more likely to have severe COVID-19 if they are overweight, obese, from black or Asian minority ethnic backgrounds, have diabetes, hypertension, asthma, or are 35 years old and older. 5:25

Clarification on COVID vaccine recommendations during pregnancy with emphasis on maintaining research standards.
  • High risk individuals for severe COVID-19 during pregnancy include specific races and comorbidities. 5:40

  • Full recommendation for all pregnant women to receive COVID-19 vaccines to reduce complications. 5:53

  • Clear recommendations for vaccination in pregnancy and neonates by MHRA. 6:34

  • Commitment to continue research and regulatory standards during the pandemic. 7:00

  • Apology for any confusion caused and looking forward to sharing more information. 7:16