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Discussion on acknowledged side effects of Covid vaccines and rarity of associated deaths.
  • NY Times article acknowledges belief in rare but serious side effects of Covid vaccines. 0:04

  • Challenges in confirming link between reported side effects and vaccines. 2:36

  • Vaccines credited with turning around the pandemic and preventing millions of deaths worldwide. 3:46

  • Debate on the extent of benefits of Covid vaccines versus risks of side effects. 4:46

  • Acknowledgment that all vaccines and drugs have some level of side effects. 5:03

Acknowledgment of real Covid vaccine side effects and concerns over correlation with deaths.
  • Autoimmunity risks acknowledged even in low-risk cohorts. 5:11

  • Challenges in distinguishing vaccine-induced illnesses from pre-existing ones. 6:13

  • Long-term data needed to fully understand vaccine side effects. 7:01

  • Reports of various side effects post Covid vaccination. 7:07

  • Acknowledgment of rarity of vaccine-related deaths despite mortality rate spike. 8:36

  • Importance of thorough investigation into vaccine-related deaths. 9:26

  • Case study of fatal aortic dissection post mRNA vaccination. 10:07

Autopsy reveals vaccine-related heart complication leading to death 16 days post first dose.
  • Autopsy showed a tear in the aorta causing blood to leak around the heart, leading to death. 10:27

  • Family sought answers and found no evidence of vaccine injury in the initial investigations. 10:35

  • Importance of thorough autopsies with histological analysis to determine cause of death. 11:01

  • Details of the heart’s anatomy and how a tear in the aorta can lead to serious complications. 11:28

  • Hystology revealed damage to the vas of vorum as the underlying issue causing the complication. 13:50

  • Preordered investigations showed no other underlying conditions that could have caused the complication. 14:38

  • Hystology is crucial in identifying vaccine-related complications that may not be apparent through other tests. 15:03

Autopsy findings reveal inflammatory response and hypersensitivity reaction post-vaccination.
  • Autopsy findings showed enlarged intima, lipid deposits, and inflammatory infiltrates in arterial tissues. 15:19

  • Absence of nuclear capsid antigens indicates vaccine-related inflammation rather than natural infection. 16:02

  • Presence of Spike protein without nucleocapsid protein suggests vaccine-induced issue. 16:54

  • Significant eosinophilic infiltrates in arterial tissues hint at a hypersensitivity reaction. 19:36

  • The autopsy findings raise questions about allergic responses post-vaccination. 20:25