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Comparison of rheumatic fever and COVID-19 in children and adults for better understanding.
  • Children are at lower risk of COVID-19 compared to adult. 0:12

  • COVID-19 is related to rheumatic fever in terms of disease approximatio. 0:49

  • Introduction to a comprehensive course covering basic concepts of COVID-1. 1:12

  • Importance of understanding the concept of rheumatic fever vs. COVID-1. 1:57

  • Technical difficulties in playing a video explaining the concept of rheumatic fever vs. COVID-1. 3:10

Comparison of Rheumatic Fever and COVID-19 in children, focusing on autoimmunity and immune response.
  • Rheumatic fever only occurs in children and adolescents up to 21 years, never in adults. 7:35

  • Both Rheumatic fever and COVID-19 involve the immune system attacking the body. 8:42

  • Mannose binding lectin, elevated in children, plays a role in autoimmune response. 9:34

Comparison of autoimmune responses in children with rheumatic fever and adults with COVID-19.
  • Elevated levels of mannose binding lectin in children trigger autoimmune response similar to COVID-19. 9:49

  • Rheumatic fever and COVID-19 both involve autoimmune responses affecting different age groups. 10:06

  • Joining the Foundations 360 course can provide a better understanding of autoimmune responses in diseases like COVID-19. 11:03

  • Rheumatic fever serves as a close approximation to understanding autoimmune responses in COVID-19. 11:42

  • Understanding autoimmune responses in diseases can help predict future outcomes. 12:05