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Responsive Centered YouTube Video
Impactful confrontation between John Watts and a political figure regarding vaccine injury.
  • John Watts challenges Rishi Sunak on vaccine injury at a public forum. 0:36

  • Watts previously spent £27,000 and a year to diagnose vaccine-induced myocarditis. 1:16

  • Watts criticizes health professionals for dismissing vaccine side effects. 1:49

  • He warns of the dangers of overlooking vaccine-related health issues. 2:27

Concerns raised about vaccine injuries and lack of investigation into adverse effects.
  • Many people experienced injuries from vaccinations but were not acknowledged. 3:12

  • Rishi Sunak dismissed concerns about vaccine-related deaths in Parliament. 3:45

  • Joint committee on vaccination did not include AstraZeneca vaccine in recommendations. 4:40

  • Concerns about safety of vaccines compared to unknown risks. 5:54

  • John Watts, a vaccine-injured individual, addressed the Prime Minister at a forum. 6:13

Challenges faced by individuals due to vaccine injuries addressed to Rishi Sunak
  • Individual highlights trauma and lack of support for vaccine injuries in Scotlan. 6:30

  • Questioning why support is lacking for those affected by COVID-19 vaccin. 7:00

  • Concerns raised about the inadequacy of the vaccine damage payment scheme in Scotlan. 7:17

  • Claim of 30,000 adverse reactions to the COVID-19 vaccine in Scotlan. 7:24

  • Rishi Sunak expresses sympathy but suggests addressing the issue later due to time constraint. 8:21

  • Individual emphasizes being silenced in the press and the severity of the situatio. 8:37

  • Mention of a vaccine compensation scheme in place within the NH. 9:11

Critique of government response to vaccine injuries and lack of accountability.
  • Government silencing individuals questioning vaccine injuries. 09:29

  • Challenges in asking questions due to government policies. 09:58

  • Experience of censorship in discussing vaccine injuries. 10:06

  • Rishi Sunak’s surprise at being silenced questioned. 10:30

  • Politicians distancing themselves from responsibility in vaccine issues. 11:45

  • Importance of clinicians in ensuring patient safety. 12:21

Importance of patient advocacy in healthcare and responsibility of medical professionals
  • Politicians may not take responsibility for healthcare problem. 12:52

  • Doctors recommended priority order for public health interest. 13:08

  • Compensation scheme in place for individual circumstance. 13:18

  • Healthcare staff should advocate for patient needs over political interest. 13:54

  • Medical community advised not to ignore potential injurie. 14:34

  • Ultimate responsibility lies with medical professionals, not politicians or industr. 14:43