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Investigating peculiar blood clots found during embalming process and their potential significance.
  • Dr. John Campbell’s presentation sparked interest in the topi. 0:34

  • Discussion on strange blood clot patterns scheduled for Thursday, 11th of Ma. 1:13

  • Importance of taking scientific observations seriously emphasize. 1:59

  • Observations of unusual clots gained attention through a TV progra. 2:08

Discovery of potential clinical relevance in blood clots related to autoimmune response in severe COVID-19 cases.
  • Identification of a pattern in blood clots post-cooling, sparking curiosity in autoimmune contex. 3:00

  • Autoimmune response triggered by virus targeting ace2 leading to severe lung inflammatio. 3:31

  • Exploration of autoimmunity beyond infection, focusing on spike protein mimic. 4:03

  • Connection between observed blood clot patterns and potential clinical condition. 4:46

  • Significance of identifying patterns in blood clots for future medical implications globall. 5:13

Exploring the importance of investigating abnormal patterns in pathology during the pandemic.
  • Emphasizing the need to assess all abnormalities in pathology during the pandemi. 5:58

  • Highlighting the lack of scientific curiosity in exploring abnormal pattern. 7:16

  • Encouraging viewers to join a free presentation to increase curiosit. 7:41

  • Stressing the importance of finding answers in times of changing pattern. 8:12

  • Expressing gratitude and signing of. 8:29