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Concerns raised over significant rise in excess deaths in Australia, sparking demand for investigation.
  • Thousands more Australians are dying as excess deaths rise, reaching levels not seen since World War II. 0:01

  • Wild theories circulating as people question the reasons behind the surge in excess deaths. 2:41

  • Final mortality data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics shows a concerning increase in death rates. 3:14

Senate rejects inquiry into significant increase in excess deaths in Australia, including dementia and diabetes.
  • Significant increase in excess deaths in Australia highlighted by recent dat. 4:11

  • Senate acknowledges need for further inquiry into reasons for excess death. 6:09

  • Controversial decision with a one-vote majority against investigating excess death. 7:27

  • Comparison drawn to historical context of hypertension to emphasize importance of investigatio. 8:12

Senate rejects investigation on unexplained deaths, emphasizing importance of understanding diseases like hypertension.
  • Physicians defined essential hypertension between 1910-1914 with no known cause. 8:37

  • President Roosevelt’s unmanaged hypertension led to a fatal intracerebral event. 9:44

  • Ignoring diseases like hypertension can result in significant complications and excess deaths. 10:39

  • Urgent need for public awareness and action to address unexplained deaths globally. 11:16