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Investigation on COVID-19 vaccination and autoimmune disease complications.
  • Dr. Philip McMillan’s focus on COVID-19 as a viral mediated autoimmune disease. 0:03

  • Challenges faced on YouTube for discussing autoimmune disease in relation to COVID-19. 0:40

  • Content removal and restrictions on YouTube related to scientific discussions. 1:02

  • Concerns about potential risks of autoimmune disease in vaccinated population. 2:42

  • Sharing research findings to correlate with current observations. 3:15

  • Discussion on a published investigation on new onset glomerular disease post COVID-19 vaccination. 3:23

Analysis of kidney-related symptoms in COVID-19 vaccine trials raises concerns about potential rare events.
  • Study focused on IGA nephropathy and minimal change disease in COVID-19 vaccine trials. 3:50

  • Concerns raised regarding the potential link between glomerular disease and COVID-19 vaccination. 4:13

  • 104 cases of kidney disease reported out of 5 billion vaccinated individuals. 4:51

  • Higher frequency of kidney-related symptoms observed with COVID-19 vaccines compared to other vaccinations. 5:16

  • Association between spike protein and ace2 receptor potentially contributing to kidney disease. 5:33

  • Further investigation needed to assess the potential link between COVID-19 vaccination and kidney disease. 6:08

  • 40% of individuals in the study experienced new onset or worsening hypertension as a symptom. 6:44

Analysis of kidney-related symptoms post-vaccination, emphasizing importance of monitoring high-risk groups for long-term effects.
  • Hypertension identified as highest risk factor for kidney issues post-vaccination. 7:11

  • Importance of monitoring hypertensive individuals for potential kidney damage post-vaccination. 7:29

  • Focus on clinical research to assess long-term impacts of vaccination on kidney health. 7:45

  • Timing of kidney symptoms post-vaccination varied, with most occurring within 5-7 days. 8:59

  • Different types of kidney diseases observed, including IGA nephropathy which stood out in analysis. 9:45

  • Explanation of antibody response to infections, particularly the role of IGM antibodies. 10:00

Understanding the immune response to COVID-19 vaccination and its impact on kidney health.
  • IGG antibody produced 11-14 days post-infection for long-term immunity. 10:25

  • IGA antibody specific for mucosal immunity, observed in COVID-19 cases. 10:50

  • IGA nephropathy and minimal change disease linked to Pfizer vaccine. 11:39

  • Symptoms in some patients appeared within one to two days post-vaccination. 11:47

  • Majority of patients experienced kidney-related symptoms 5-7 days post-vaccination. 12:46

  • Unusual quick response within hours post-vaccination raises questions for further research. 13:06

  • Importance of understanding and investigating early immune responses to vaccines. 13:13

Discussion on kidney anatomy, filtration process, and potential damage in relation to current events.
  • Kidneys contain glomerulus, proximal and distal convoluted tubules for urine filtration. 13:36

  • Approximately 2 million filtering units in total in both kidneys. 13:54

  • Glomerulus filters blood plasma, leading to urine formation. 14:01

  • Basement membrane in glomerulus prone to damage in kidney conditions. 14:26

  • Importance of asking scientific questions despite challenges. 14:41

  • Encouragement to engage in open scientific discussions. 15:04

  • Content sharing on Substack for uncensored information. 15:12