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Responsive Centered YouTube Video
Discovery of mRNA technology potential in the 1980s through gene therapy research.
  • Collaboration with postdoc mentor Dan St Louis on retrovirus vectors for gene expressio. 0:30

  • Realization of a control event affecting protein production in mice after 3 week. 1:49

  • Understanding the timeline for robust cellular and humoral responses to gene expressio. 2:04

Discovery of immune response in gene therapy and transition to mRNA vaccine development.
  • Initial resistance to the concept of immune response in gene therapy. 2:27

  • Realization of immune response in gene therapy as a fundamental flaw. 2:35

  • Transition from gene therapy to mRNA vaccine development. 3:04

  • Epiphany leading to the use of gene transfer technology for vaccines. 3:44

  • Importance of mentorship in navigating scientific challenges. 3:54

Unforeseen success in RNA experiments on frog and chick embryos leads to significant scientific breakthrough.
  • Success in transferring RNA into frog embryos led to unexpected positive results. 4:39

  • Further success in transferring RNA into chick embryos sparked serious interest and ownership disputes. 5:30