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Exploring the potential of nitric oxide and humming in combating Covid and inflammation.
  • Dr. McMillan seeks support to develop accessible tools for public health solutions. 0:05

  • Highlighting the importance of having a toolbox of solutions, like nitric oxide, for health issues. 0:31

  • Encouraging participation in the Kickstarter program for ‘Humming Heroes’ to combat Covid and inflammation. 1:24

  • Emphasizing the value of knowledge and accessible tools in facing upcoming health challenges. 2:32

  • Exploring the significance of the oral microbiome in relation to health and potential solutions. 3:00

Importance of Nitric Oxide in Covid-19 Treatment and Heart Failure Management
  • Nitric oxide production decreases with age, leading to reliance on diet for nitric oxid. 3:48

  • Covid-19 damages bacteria involved in nitric oxide production, impacting healt. 4:45

  • Toolbox approach for Covid-19 immune system support with nitric oxide as a key componen. 5:20

  • Components of a heart failure toolbox including loop diuretics, beta blockers, and ACE inhibitor. 6:01

  • Treatment for heart failure varies based on individual patient needs and symptom. 6:49

Innovative approach to educating about immune system response to Covid-19 using imagery and stories.
  • Emphasizing the importance of exploring multiple options in clinical medicine. 7:20

  • Utilizing imagery and stories to help people, including children, understand immune system response. 7:57

  • Highlighting the potential damage caused by lack of nitric oxide in fighting viruses. 9:03

  • Announcement of upcoming course and Kickstarter program to further educate the public. 9:37

  • Seeking support for future initiatives to provide accessible solutions and bring hope. 9:54