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Exploring the correlation between serum Cryoglobulins and unusual clots observed by embalmers.
  • Dr. Philip McMillan discusses the significance of studying strange clots observed by embalmers. 0:02

  • The webinar aims to emphasize the importance of understanding the science behind these clots. 0:26

  • Viewers are encouraged to join Dr. McMillan’s COVID-19 school for valuable information. 0:47

  • The presentation delves into the differentiation between typical clots and cryoglobulins. 1:27

  • Cryoglobulins are identified as a potential explanation for the observed patterns by embalmers. 2:07

Exploring the association between serum Cryoglobulins and unusual blood clots post-vaccination.
  • Cryoglobulins are composed of immunoglobulins and can form precipitates when clumped together in the serum. 2:39

  • A case report highlighted the development of cryoglobulanemia and digital necrosis after receiving a vaccine in a patient with pre-existing autoimmunity. 4:04

  • The patient experienced worsening symptoms three days post-vaccination, leading to gangrene in the fingertips. 4:46

Exploring the correlation between cryoglobulins and embalmers clots in the context of autoimmune background and vaccine response.
  • Cryoglobulins can be present in individuals with autoimmune background and vaccine response, with significance and frequency unknown. 5:27

  • Detection of cryoglobulins requires active searching due to the need to keep blood warm before examination. 5:34

  • Treatment with steroids and plasmapheresis can reduce cryoglobulin levels in patients with autoimmune disease. 5:49

  • Importance of further research in understanding the abnormal patterns of fibrous proteins seen in embalmers clots. 6:15

  • Emphasizing the need for thorough pathology and autopsy examinations to gain clarity on potential occurrences worldwide. 6:47