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Exploring the impact of storytelling on raising awareness about nitric oxide in the context of the pandemic.
  • Dr. Philip McMillan discusses his approach to educating the public about COVID-19 and autoimmunity. 0:03

  • Collaboration with Lumena Publishers to create a unique storytelling project related to nitric oxide and COVID-19. 0:28

  • Upcoming webinar on nitric oxide and potential strategies for improved outcomes in the pandemic. 1:10

  • Encouragement to join the Kickstarter campaign for a free ebook related to the topic. 1:55

  • Introduction to the storybook project with a brief excerpt from the story. 2:46

Illustration of immune system battling against invaders in a child's nostril.
  • Immune system in a child’s nostril fights against invader. 3:47

  • Humming disrupts virus, representing potential antiviral properties of nitric oxid. 5:46

  • Infection causes chaos and defeat in the upper airwa. 7:03

Revolutionizing pandemic control through a unique approach using humming to find solutions and bring creativity and data science together.
  • Highlighting the success story of overcoming a virus through humming. 7:50

  • Emphasizing the importance of collaboration and thinking outside the box for finding solutions. 8:26

  • Encouraging people to join in the process and register for upcoming books on the topic. 9:08

  • Expressing hope for the idea to go viral and make a significant impact on the current pandemic. 9:42

  • Ending with gratitude and anticipation for further ideas and solutions to be shared. 10:00