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Initiation of legal actions against Covid-19 vaccine manufacturer due to adverse effects.
  • Dr. Philip McMillan’s research focuses on autoimmunity related to viral infections or vaccines. 0:05

  • AstraZeneca facing two lawsuits in London over Covid-19 vaccines. 1:06

  • One lawsuit filed by a man whose wife died after receiving the vaccine. 2:24

  • The husband filed a product liability claim against AstraZeneca. 2:34

  • There is uncertainty regarding suing the government due to indemnity. 2:52

  • The woman who passed away was only 35 years old. 3:12

Initiation of legal actions related to Covid-19 vaccines due to lack of information on risks and adverse events.
  • Healthy mother died in March 2021 after receiving AstraZeneca vaccine in September 2021. 3:23

  • Concern over insufficient information about vaccine risks leading to product liability challenges. 3:40

  • AstraZeneca vaccine highlighted due to higher reporting rate of adverse events per 100,000 doses compared to Pfizer. 5:07

  • Many countries discontinued AstraZeneca vaccine use in favor of Pfizer or Moderna vaccines. 6:03

Risks associated with AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine leading to potential lawsuits and industry impact.
  • AstraZeneca shows four times higher risk compared to Pfizer and Moderna vaccine. 6:42

  • Lack of long-term research raises concerns over safety and effectiveness claim. 7:31

  • Thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome linked to serious cases reporte. 8:09

  • 21 reports of vaccine-induced immune thrombotic thrombocytopenia in Ontario out of a million case. 8:26

  • Anticipation of lawsuits expanding beyond AstraZeneca to impact entire vaccine industr. 9:07

  • Visible complications with AstraZeneca possibly due to changes in spike protei. 9:16

Analysis of vaccine spike proteins' impact on autoimmune response and antibody generation.
  • AstraZeneca and Moderna made adjustments to spike proteins to reduce autoimmune response. 9:40

  • IGG 4 response was more common with mRNA vaccines compared to adenovirus-based vaccines. 11:22

  • Circulating spike protein fragments may be more prevalent with mRNA vaccines due to immune system challenges. 12:16

Implications of vaccine lawsuits due to potential long-term effects and financial burden.
  • Risks of significant morbidity or mortality due to vaccine impact with virus circulation. 13:05

  • Speculation on autoimmunity risks from vaccine-variant combination. 13:39

  • Concerns over lawsuits leading to financial burden on taxpayers. 14:15

  • Importance of finding objective answers to protect and support those affected. 14:45