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Challenges of research censorship, corruption, and interference in scientific journals revealed by Dr. Sabine Hazan.
  • Hypothesis on Ivermectin’s effect on gut bacteria retracted due to narrative misalignment. 0:08

  • Censorship and retraction of research findings leading to loss of faith in science and medicine. 0:56

  • Successful treatment of hypoxic patients with multi-drug therapy by Dr. Sabine Hazan. 2:27

  • Importance of conducting research for personal understanding and protection against the virus. 4:01

Challenges in medical research during the pandemic and the importance of unbiased research and early treatment.
  • Lack of trust in vaccine research due to poor quality and early treatment being disregarded. 4:18

  • Importance of unbiased research over financial interests in saving lives. 4:40

  • Call for critics to prove findings wrong through experimentation and validation. 5:06

  • Critique on the approach of putting all focus on vaccination over early treatment during the pandemic. 5:41

  • Advocacy for a comprehensive approach to combatting the virus, including early treatment alongside vaccination. 6:47

Impact of Research Censorship on Medicine and Trust in Science
  • Importance of informed consent and proper protocols in patient treatmen. 8:09

  • Suppression of early treatment for profit-driven motive. 8:52

  • Lack of trust in medical interventions due to lack of transparency and interference with researc. 10:05

  • Warning about future consequences if research censorship and lack of advocacy continu. 11:06

  • Urgent need to address issues in research and medicine to prevent future problem. 11:28