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Challenges and implications of whistleblowing on leaked New Zealand Covid vaccine data.
  • Whistleblowing comes with significant costs and challenges. 0:35

  • Leaked vaccination data raised concerns about patient confidentiality and data protection. 1:20

  • The speaker feels a responsibility to address Covid-19 issues due to their research on autoimmunity. 2:10

  • The complexity of Covid-19 and its impact on the immune system is emphasized. 2:26

  • The speaker has faced censorship for discussing Covid-19 related topics. 2:53

Importance of New Zealand Covid vaccination data in addressing global immune-related conditions and whistleblowing experiences.
  • New Zealand’s early vaccination data crucial for understanding immune-related conditions globally. 3:00

  • Challenges in differentiating between Covid-19 and vaccination effects in other countries. 3:43

  • Personal whistleblowing experience in Europe highlighting significant excess deaths in age group 15-44. 4:07

  • Urgency in addressing potential issues raised by data to prevent harm in low-risk groups. 5:03

  • Importance of clarifying reasons behind excess deaths in specific age groups for informed decision-making. 5:13

  • Curiosity leading to deeper investigation of data and uncovering valuable insights. 5:48

Importance of whistleblowing in ensuring integrity and truth in data leak incident.
  • The person involved had a strong belief in fairness, integrity, and truth telling. 6:36

  • The Ministry of Health in New Zealand has a clear whistleblowing policy for reporting fraud and misconduct. 7:22

  • The whistleblower could have used the protected disclosures act to report wrongdoing. 8:00

Urgent call to action regarding critical Covid vaccination data in New Zealand
  • Ethical dilemma of leaking important data for public awarenes. 8:35

  • Data was not assessed for correlation between vaccination and deat. 8:54

  • Possibility of negligence in analyzing and sharing crucial informatio. 9:14

  • Comparison to responsibility in banking sector for reporting illegal activitie. 10:16

  • Importance of independent analysis and review of hidden dat. 11:09

  • Encouraging awareness and action among individuals in New Zealan. 11:31

Urgent call for action from New Zealand to release crucial Covid vaccine data to the world.
  • Non-New Zealanders unable to pressure for data release. 11:41

  • Kiwis urged to demand proper review and transparency. 11:54

  • Concern that data may not be shared with the public. 12:15

  • Link provided for more information on the issue. 12:24

  • Importance of raising awareness in New Zealand. 12:41

  • Kiwis can make a difference by pressuring their government. 12:50

  • Continued updates promised on the situation. 13:06