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Insights from top 10 medical videos for 2023 with popular comments on COVID-19 and autoimmune complications.
  • Dr. Philip McMillan reviews top videos on COVID-19 and autoimmune diseases. 0:05

  • Focus on reinfections leading to autoimmune responses and severe disease. 1:57

  • Discussion on natural immunity and vaccine decisions during the pandemic. 3:21

  • Importance of research into the origins of the virus for justice. 4:23

  • Exploration of potential dangers of Spike protein tolerance and igg4. 5:24

Analysis of vaccine impact and public perception in scientific community and general public.
  • Scientific community’s concern over vaccine impact on immune syste. 6:03

  • Individual’s experience with vaccine and autoimmune diseas. 7:01

  • Cases of blood cancers post booster sho. 8:04

  • Caution against associating every disease with the pandemi. 9:02

  • Perception of doctors’ role in vaccine decision. 10:00

  • Impact of vaccine hesitancy on countries’ outcome. 11:24

Analysis of top vejon videos for 2023 reveals censorship of science and public skepticism towards vaccines.
  • Vejon videos discuss censorship of science and public skepticism towards vaccines. 11:55

  • Public questioning the connection between big pharma and COVID-19 vaccines. 12:39

  • Some individuals adamantly against COVID-19 vaccine despite pressure. 13:31

  • Censorship of Dr. John Campbell raises concerns about freedom of scientific discussion. 15:42

  • Support for Dr. John Campbell grows as he faces censorship. 16:45

  • Perception of COVID-19 response as a crime against humanity by some viewers. 17:03

Insights on public health concerns, COVID variants, and vaccine hesitancy discussed by experts.
  • Public health entities and authorities may lack trustworthiness due to potential biases. 17:42

  • Concerns raised about the credibility damage in the scientific and medical community. 18:03

  • Discussion on the seriousness of the new COVID variant and its potential impact. 18:49

  • Importance of listening to expert warnings and understanding complex topics like COVID variants. 19:15

  • Personal experience shared regarding vaccine hesitancy and career sacrifices. 20:16

  • Appreciation for experts simplifying complex topics for the sake of science and humanity. 21:04

  • Suggestion for targeted vaccination strategies based on exposure and risk factors. 22:38

Analysis of public response to vaccination and heart failure epidemic in 2023.
  • Public response to vaccination caused division and damage to credibility in medical community. 23:02

  • Greedy actions led to potential damage to mRNA technology and missed opportunities. 23:24

  • Prediction of heart failure epidemic and its impact on healthcare system. 24:16

  • Concerns raised about increased heart failure cases and lack of acknowledgment from medical professionals. 27:03

  • Observations of adverse effects from vaccination on individuals’ health. 28:06

Insights on autoimmune risks post-vaccine, silenced warnings, and hidden COVID injuries.
  • Discussion on potential rise in autoimmune diseases post-vaccine. 28:53

  • Concerns raised about silenced warnings from doctors. 32:32

  • Importance of retina in understanding hidden COVID injuries. 33:44

Reflection on tragic events and concerns regarding COVID-19 impact on individuals and society.
  • Importance of researching injuries from medical procedures and finding solutions. 34:18

  • Expressing condolences for those affected by job loss and vaccine-related tragedies. 34:27

  • Concerns about potential devastating impact of COVID-19 and autoimmune responses. 36:05

  • Personal stories of loved ones passing away from severe COVID-19 despite being healthy. 37:02

  • Discussion on the influence of fear and panic on decision-making during the pandemic. 39:14

  • Highlighting the importance of informed decision-making and understanding individual health factors. 39:29

  • Reflecting on the impact of fear on people’s behavior and choices regarding vaccines. 40:03

Heartbreaking impact of Covid-19 vaccines on individuals with existing immunity and the necessity of autopsies for understanding adverse effects.
  • Significant impact on low-risk individuals with natural immunit. 40:34

  • Importance of targeted approach and early treatmen. 41:06

  • Critical need for full autopsies on vaccinated Covid-19 death. 41:52

  • Challenges faced by individuals who refused vaccinatio. 45:04

  • Adverse effects on heart and breathing post-vaccinatio. 45:53

  • ? Reflection on the impact of adverse events on individuals who stood up against abuse and vilification in 2023. 46:20

  • Recognition of the impact of adverse events and lack of acknowledgement in the medical communit. 46:20

  • Acknowledgment of the strength of individuals who faced challenges for their belief. 46:51

  • Appreciation for viewers and anticipation for content in 202. 47:22

  • Reflection on censorship challenges in 2023 affecting viewershi. 47:29

  • Encouragement to continue building on content and predictions for the futur. 47:37

  • Hope for a better future while acknowledging the potential rough ride ahea. 48:04

  • Importance of finding solutions to protect and mitigate damage in the futur. 48:12

  • Wishing viewers a wonderful season and a blessed New Yea. 48:24