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Lack of interest in conducting autopsies on Covid vaccinated individuals despite billions of doses administered.
  • Autopsy is essential for understanding the effects of vaccines on the body. 0:00

  • Recent publication of the first full autopsy on a Covid vaccinated individual. 1:07

  • Autopsy provides an objective analysis of tissue at a histological level. 2:05

  • The absence of autopsies hinders the ability to follow the science accurately. 2:41

  • Discussion on mandating autopsies to gain insight into vaccine-related deaths. 2:49

  • Concern over the lack of interest in understanding vaccine-related deaths through autopsies. 3:11

  • Call for more emphasis on autopsy as a crucial tool in medical analysis. 3:20

Groundbreaking autopsy study on COVID vaccinated death raises crucial questions.
  • First complete autopsy on COVID vaccinated death conducted in Italy. 4:19

  • Study focused on an 83-year-old man with multiple comorbidities. 6:00

  • Researchers questioned if vaccinated individuals face different death mechanisms. 6:34

  • Significance of immune response in vaccinated individuals explored. 6:44

Analysis of autopsy on vaccinated patient reveals significant lung inflammation and antibody response.
  • Patient vaccinated with Pfizer mRNA vaccine tested negative on admission but later tested positive for COVID-19. 6:58

  • Patient had high antibody levels indicating prior response to vaccination. 7:56

  • Absence of IGM antibodies suggests direct production of IGG antibodies due to vaccination. 8:28

  • Further investigation needed to understand implications of findings. 9:22

  • Questions raised on initial COVID-19 status and progression despite vaccination. 9:22

  • Autopsy revealed chronic emphysema and significant lung inflammation. 9:36

  • Lungs showed areas of interstitial lymphoplasmacytic cell infiltrates indicating inflammation. 10:06

Insights on lymphoplasmacytic infiltrates and IGG 4 in vaccinated individuals from autopsy findings.
  • Immune system breakdown into myeloid and lymphoid group. 10:33

  • Production of different cells by myeloid and lymphoid group. 10:40

  • Presence of lymphocytes, plasma cells, and antibodies in immune respons. 11:06

  • Link between lymphoplasmacytic infiltrates and IGG 4 in lung patholog. 11:16

  • Importance of autopsies in understanding unusual pathological situation. 12:48

  • Need for thorough scientific analysis through autopsies for evidenc. 13:33

  • Autopsies are crucial for scientific validation and understanding of disease. 14:09

Importance of conducting autopsies on vaccinated individuals to analyze patterns and implications for the pandemic.
  • Detailed analysis of a case report from a fully vaccinated individual is crucial for understanding the impact of the vaccine. 14:18

  • Urgent need for hundreds or thousands of autopsies to identify patterns and implications for the future stages of the pandemic. 14:45

  • Call for scientific leaders in every country to prioritize autopsies to gain a better understanding of the situation. 15:09

  • Emphasis on the importance of autopsies as a standard practice for new diseases and technologies, regardless of the challenges. 15:27

  • Criticism of the lack of full autopsies conducted despite billions of vaccine doses administered. 15:51

  • Encouragement to follow scientific discussions and hard questions on Substack for further insights. 16:02

  • Expressing gratitude and closing remarks to the audience. 16:26