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Excess mortality in Europe raises concerns amidst lack of attention and awareness.
  • Excess deaths serve as a crucial statistical measure to identify concerning trends in mortalit. 0:24

  • Pandemic memory loss has led to neglect of monitoring excess death. 0:40

  • Lack of media attention on discussions regarding excess deaths in the U. 0:59

  • Exploration of excess mortality beyond the UK to understand broader impact in Europ. 1:15

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Europe experienced elevated excess deaths throughout 2023, with a notable decrease in February 2024.
  • Excess mortality statistics in Europe showed a peak of 11.5% in December 2023. 3:55

  • In February 2024, there was a decrease in excess mortality by -1.2% compared to the trend in 2023. 4:13

  • The UK changed its statistical measure to hide excess deaths, which may have impacted reporting across Europe. 5:24

Analysis of rising excess deaths in Europe post-pandemic and the need for investigation.
  • The ‘elephant in the room’ situation of increasing excess deaths is being overlooked. 5:57

  • There is a need to raise awareness among the public about the ongoing issue. 6:29

  • Eurostat data shows a concerning trend of additional deaths post-pandemic. 7:02

  • The pattern of excess deaths is expected to continue in the coming years. 8:00

  • Further investigation into the causes of excess deaths is crucial. 8:11

Regional vaccination rates and excess mortality in Europe from 2020 to 2024 compared.
  • Portugal had the highest vaccination rate per 100 population, followed by Malta, Belgium, Italy, and Sweden. 8:46

  • Bulgaria, Romania, and Slovakia had lower vaccination rates and experienced higher excess mortality initially. 9:14

  • Bulgaria’s excess mortality trended down to baseline as natural immunity increased, reaching -10%. 10:30

  • Acknowledging the impact of vaccines on COVID deaths is important, but all-cause mortality must also be considered. 10:54

  • Portugal, despite initial surges, saw a decline in excess mortality after a successful vaccination campaign. 11:30

Unexplained rise in excess deaths in Europe demands urgent investigation for underlying causes.
  • Significant increase in excess deaths continuing above normal levels in Europe. 11:39

  • Bulgaria experiencing negative to 10% excess deaths compared to Europe. 11:49

  • Urgent need to address the unexplained difference in excess deaths between countries. 12:00

  • Ongoing high circulation of a virus possibly contributing to the elevated excess deaths. 12:39

  • Importance of investigating mechanisms behind the elevated excess deaths for clarity. 13:06

  • Negligence in not investigating abnormal excess death patterns is highlighted. 13:32

  • Continued research and understanding of the situation is crucial for finding solutions. 13:39