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Geert van Bosch expresses concerns about mass vaccination and immune evasion leading to vaccine breakthroughs.
  • Dr. Philip McMillan provides an update on Geert van Bosch’s recent thoughts. 0:05

  • Geert van Bosch is worried about the impact of mass vaccination and immune evasion. 0:43

  • Dr. McMillan encourages viewers to visit Geert van Bosch’s website for more information. 1:16

  • Viewers are advised to use the chatbot to easily find specific videos on the channel. 2:33

  • Over 300 educational videos on COVID-19 are available on the channel. 3:15

Concerns raised about immune evasion and vaccine-induced breakthrough infections in highly vaccinated regions.
  • Gert Geris warned about the impact of mass vaccination in a pandemic in 2021. 3:34

  • Growing immune evasion and vaccine-induced breakthrough infections are putting people at risk. 4:14

  • Concerns about immune refocusing and inadequate training of the immune system in vaccinated populations. 5:12

  • Challenges in achieving herd immunity in highly vaccinated regions compared to areas with low vaccination levels. 5:44

  • Proposed potential retraining of cell-mediated immunity using the MMR vaccine for individuals experiencing vaccine breakthrough infections. 6:22

  • Overall concern for the population, regardless of vaccination status, in addressing recurrent infections. 7:01

  • Efforts to explain the immune system dynamics through visual aids to convey the situation. 7:16

Explanation of immune system components in the context of border patrol and virus evasion.
  • Immune system components likened to border patrol role. 7:35

  • Different immune cells assigned roles like FBI, police, and MI. 8:30

  • Mucosal immune cells act as Border Police controlling entr. 9:58

  • Different antibodies have varying functions in virus defens. 10:33

  • SAROV-2 virus characterized by its ability to evade detectio. 11:06

Proposal for enhancing immune response in vaccinated individuals to combat evolving virus variants.
  • Injectable vaccines may not adequately train immune system at the border, leading to evasion by virus. 11:42

  • NK cells can be trained to target virally infected cells, potentially reducing viral load. 13:52

  • MMR and BCG vaccines mentioned as potential tools to train NK cells for recognizing virus-infected cells. 14:11

  • Complimentary prophylaxis with antiviral drugs may still be necessary to prevent severe disease from new virus lineages. 15:19

Proposal to retrain immune system due to potential damage from virus, emphasizing need for solutions and protection.
  • Highlighted concern over damage to lymphocytes and NK cells affecting viral infection management. 16:04

  • Virus infects and causes damage to lymphocytes and NK cells, impacting immune system’s ability to combat infections. 16:49

  • Importance of finding a solution to prevent potential serious consequences in highly vaccinated areas. 18:06