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Mothers seek truth behind son's vaccine-related death through research and collaboration.
  • Dr. Philip McMillan hosts a discussion with authors and mother on vaccine injury case. 0:35

  • Authors include an Internal Medicine physician and mother of a vaccine-injured individual. 3:00

  • Mother shares her son’s sudden death after COVID-19 vaccine, leading to a search for answers. 4:21

  • Bereaved mother recounts son’s aortic dissection and suspicions linking it to the vaccine. 5:01

  • Family undergoes genetic testing ruling out known disorders, focusing on vaccine as the likely cause. 6:04

  • Two-year journey culminates in a paper revealing the truth behind the son’s vaccine-related death. 7:10

Challenges faced by families of vaccine-injured individuals and the struggle to get proper medical attention.
  • Difficulty in getting attention for vaccine injurie. 7:56

  • Lack of proper care and attention from medical professional. 8:05

  • Struggle to receive accurate diagnosis and treatmen. 8:55

  • Importance of asking questions and exploring all possibilities in healthcar. 10:39

  • The impact of fear and conflicting information on vaccine decision-makin. 12:03

  • Challenges in finding reliable information and trustworthy source. 12:29

  • The conflict between trusting official agencies and alternative viewpoint. 12:52

  • The emotional turmoil experienced by families in making vaccine decision. 13:07

Mothers share their experience with Covid vaccine fear and decision-making process.
  • Family unable to interact due to Covid restrictions, waving from a distanc. 13:15

  • Fear and propaganda surrounding vaccine causing hesitation in family member. 13:37

  • Pressure to get vaccinated in New York environment, leading to caution in decision-makin. 15:08

  • Concerns about vaccinating low-risk population without full understanding of risk. 16:20

  • Lack of comprehensive safety studies for Covid vaccines, raising questions about justificatio. 17:13

  • Uncertainty about vaccine distribution and effects on individual. 18:07

Mothers advocating for vaccine safety discuss research findings and a case study of vaccine injury.
  • Discussion on the long-lasting effects of Spike protein post-vaccinatio. 18:44

  • Concerns raised about the lack of safety proof for vaccine. 19:05

  • Importance of conducting thorough investigations on vaccine injurie. 19:57

  • Presentation of a case study on pericarditis and aortic dissection post-COVID mRNA vaccinatio. 20:34

  • Introduction to the anatomy of the heart and aorta for better understanding of the case stud. 21:09

  • Initiation of collaboration to analyze and document vaccine injury case. 23:02

  • Commitment to raising awareness and preventing similar vaccine-related tragedie. 23:35

  • Acknowledgment of support in investigating and sharing Victor’s case stud. 23:50

Mothers advocate for awareness of Covid vaccine risks and demand thorough investigations into adverse events.
  • Mothers emphasize the impact of vaccine injuries on families. 24:06

  • Greater good concept dismissed by mother grieving the loss of her child. 24:24

  • Need for individual consideration of risks before vaccination. 24:39

  • Criticism of arbitrary distinction in vaccine effectiveness timeline. 25:38

  • Call for comprehensive investigations into vaccine-related adverse events. 26:48

  • Warning issued to young men under 39 about myocarditis risk from vaccines. 27:03

  • Emphasis on personalized approach to vaccination based on individual risk factors. 27:20

  • Lack of awareness and research on vaccine-related inflammatory changes in affected individuals. 28:01

  • Urgent need for transparency and information sharing on vaccine risks and benefits. 28:26

Mothers uncover medical community's reluctance to investigate vaccine-related deaths and injuries.
  • Vaccines are not effectively reducing mortality rates as expected. 30:19

  • Pathologists in the US avoided conducting histological studies on vaccine-related deaths. 30:57

  • Physicians facing coercion and intimidation for questioning vaccine safety and advocating for patients. 32:33

  • Medical institutions and corporations suppressing investigations into vaccine injuries. 33:25

  • Doctors receiving letters to refrain from sharing information that may question vaccine safety. 35:22

Mothers advocate for thorough investigation into Covid vaccine-related death of healthy 34-year-old male
  • Mothers reached out to renowned physicians and pathologists globally for histopathology report analysi. 35:48

  • Victor’s sudden death due to aortic dissection and pericardial tamponade following Covid vaccin. 37:04

  • Onset of symptoms to death was rapid, with severe pain and quick deterioratio. 39:29

  • Autopsy revealed aortic dissection leading to blood accumulation around the heart, causing cardiac arres. 39:54

  • Aortic dissection in young individuals is rare and usually linked to genetic factors, which Victor did not hav. 41:05

Heartbreaking story of a mother losing her son to vaccine injuries, highlighting the need for thorough autopsies and accountability in vaccine safety.
  • Mother shares tragic loss of son due to vaccine complications, emphasizing the lasting impact on her family. 41:21

  • Importance of autopsies with histology to understand autoimmune effects post-vaccination. 43:00

  • Challenges in obtaining histological examination in the US, leading to seeking help from Germany. 44:00

  • Delay in finding a pathologist for histology post-death due to fear and intimidation among professionals. 45:12

  • Histology findings reveal lymphocytic infiltrate in the heart, indicating pericarditis and myocarditis, similar to other cases. 46:51

Concerns raised about long-term injuries from COVID-19 vaccines and the need for active screening.
  • Autoimmune disorder developed after COVID-19 vaccine, linked to lipid content. 53:18

  • Athletic 21-year-old man left wheelchair-bound with severe health issues post-vaccine. 54:37

  • Doctors urged to investigate cases of vaccine-related harm more thoroughly. 56:16

  • Sophisticated techniques reveal more common injuries post-MRNA vaccines. 58:23

  • Long-term injuries may go unnoticed but still cause damage. 59:05

Mothers advocate for vaccine injury awareness, autopsies, and education for Physicians.
  • Advocacy for education and freedom for Physicians to report findings without fear. 59:15

  • Concerns about asymptomatic myocarditis cases post-vaccination leading to potential long-term harm. 59:41

  • Challenges the indiscriminate administration of vaccines and advocates for careful consideration of risks. 1:00:50

  • Call for autopsies to investigate unexpected deaths and histopathology for early detection of issues. 1:01:06

  • Importance of asking questions, seeking answers, and prioritizing patient care over profit. 1:02:08

  • Focus on using technology judiciously and advancing knowledge with discernment. 1:02:24

  • Hope for a shift towards prioritizing patient well-being, scientific inquiry, and ethical medical practices. 1:03:03

  • Desire for complete informed consent and timely regulatory actions for public health benefit. 1:04:07

  • Emphasis on the need for thorough investigation and understanding of emerging safety concerns. 1:04:07

Mothers express distrust in government agencies over COVID vaccine safety and transparency.
  • Call for open and honest communication from public health agencie. 1:05:25

  • Loss of trust in medical system due to lack of transparency and response to adverse event. 1:05:33

  • Underreporting of vaccine adverse effects and dismissal of concerns by regulatory bodie. 1:07:14

  • Personal experience of a mother losing trust in FDA, CDC, and NI. 1:08:11

  • Emotional impact and lack of support for families affected by vaccine injurie. 1:09:09

  • Growing skepticism towards vaccine safety claims and government assurance. 1:10:23

  • Continued questioning and pushback against official narratives on vaccine. 1:10:31

Mothers and families impacted by vaccine injuries seek clarity and trust in medicine for a better future.
  • Mothers and families affected by vaccine injuries demand answers and justice. 1:10:57

  • Building trust in medicine is crucial for the future of healthcare. 1:11:05

  • Doctors aim to do the right thing but acknowledge failures during the pandemic. 1:11:24

  • Analysis of past mistakes is essential to improve healthcare practices for the future. 1:11:32

  • Acknowledgement and gratitude for the audience and participants in the presentation. 1:11:41

  • Thanking Dr. McAn for his contribution. 1:11:48

  • Expressing gratitude through music at the end of the presentation. 1:12:22

  • Continuing gratitude and appreciation through music. 1:12:57

Understanding the impact of liver diseases and potential mechanisms in managing them
  • Presentation on liver diseases and potential mechanisms • 0:08
  • Fatty liver prevalence and its link to insulin resistance • 1:29
  • Focus on alcohol liver disease, fatty liver, and liver injury • 2:05
  • Importance of recognizing liver health for overall well-being • 2:36
  • Risk of harm from multiple factors affecting liver function • 2:54