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Global conference on long covid with top experts aiming to raise awareness and funding for research.
  • Conference focuses on long covid solutions with international experts and panelists. 0:23

  • Event aims to raise funding for official health and research organizations. 2:04

Discussion on upcoming international long covid conference and call for support.
  • Support needed for fascinating discussions on long covid and related topics. 2:29

  • Differentiation between symptoms and complications of long covid. 3:56

  • Complications include lung and heart damage from severe covid-19. 4:09

  • Symptoms of long covid observed in individuals with mild covid cases. 4:34

Insights on chronic diseases and diet intolerance shared at an upcoming international conference.
  • Many chronic diseases may be linked to diet intolerance. 4:47

  • Encouraging patients to study their diet for contributing factors to symptoms. 5:22

  • Similar patterns observed in chronic diseases like migraines and fibromyalgia. 5:35

  • Long-standing symptoms often precede visible symptoms in patients. 5:48

  • Over 4,000 attendees expected at the valuable international conference on Long Covid. 6:14