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Discussion on unusual blood clots observed by embalmers, highlighting the importance of scientific inquiry and clinical recognition.
  • Emphasizing the need for scientific understanding and careful observation in analyzing unusual blood clot patterns. 0:14

  • Acknowledging the efforts of Tom Havland in investigating abnormal clotting patterns and seeking input from experts worldwide. 1:00

  • Describing the scientific observation of stringy fibrous elastic clots during embalming procedures, prompting questions about mechanisms and significance. 1:25

  • Discussing the potential role of amyloid fibrin clots and the need for clinical evaluation of clotting criteria and response to anti-coagulation. 1:57

  • Urging viewers, especially clinicians, to watch an important interview with a whistleblower providing visual evidence of the observed blood clots. 2:58

  • Previewing upcoming content featuring an interview with Grant Stenfield and promising further scientific analysis on the topic. 3:36

  • Offering insights into the mechanism behind the unusual blood clotting phenomenon and expressing the need for continued investigation. 4:23

Discovery of white fibrous clots in living individuals raises concerns about potential health risks.
  • White fibrous clots observed in living individuals, not just in deceased cases. 4:54

  • Cath lab workers also reporting finding these clots in living patients. 5:24

  • Data analyst and former Air Force Major discusses ongoing research on these clots. 5:35

  • Survey results show a high percentage of embalmers still encountering these clots. 6:03

  • Whistleblowers confirm existence of white fibrous clots in living individuals for the past three years. 6:39

  • Discussion on the potential mechanisms behind the formation of these clots in the vascular system. 7:01

  • Explanation of the circulatory system highlighting the path of arteries and veins in the body. 8:03

Discussion on abnormal protein deposition in blood vessels leading to clot formation.
  • Abnormal protein deposition in inferior vena cava and arteries. 8:50

  • Inflammation in blood vessels triggering clot formation. 9:15

  • Importance of smooth blood vessel lining in preventing clots. 10:00

  • Presence of vasorum supplying nutrition to blood vessel walls. 10:19

  • Evidence of clots in big veins due to inflammation. 10:51

  • Concerns about whistleblowers’ fear hindering information disclosure. 13:10

  • Urgency in addressing serious clinical implications of abnormal protein deposition. 13:19

Whistleblower reveals high percentage of vaccinated patients with white fibrous clots, sparking fear among medical professionals.
  • Whistleblower reports 99% of patients with clots were vaccinated. 13:52

  • White fibrous clots predominantly seen in vaccinated individuals. 15:31

  • High number of clots being treated weekly in vaccinated patients. 16:09

  • Concerns raised about the safety and efficacy of vaccines. 16:33

  • Multiple whistleblowers from different regions corroborate findings. 16:57

  • Medical professionals hesitant to speak out due to fear of repercussions. 17:26

  • FDA and CDC reluctance to investigate the issue. 17:37

Serious concerns raised about potential clotting issues in patients post-vaccination.
  • Concerns about clotting issues post-vaccination impacting patients globally. 17:43

  • Highlighted seriousness of potential clot removal frequency in patients. 17:49

  • Fear among people discussing potential vaccine-related issues. 18:13

  • Urgent need to address clinical questions on clotting mechanisms and treatments. 19:29

  • Call for researchers to investigate and find solutions to protect patients. 20:23

  • Encouragement for medical professionals to engage in critical discussions and research. 20:46

  • Importance of ensuring patient safety and advocating for thorough investigations. 21:06