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Call for immediate investigation into embalmer clot phenomenon
  • Highlighting the importance of whistleblower reports on abnormal clot. 0:04

  • Comparison drawn with historical issue of asbestos for contex. 0:50

  • Critical information shared by a whistleblower regarding embalmer clots in living patient. 1:27

  • Upcoming release of book on nitric oxide’s impact on healt. 2:30

  • Announcement of third part of advanced covid 360 course recordin. 3:05

  • Encouragement for viewers to participate in discussions and presentation. 3:22

Critical importance of investigating abnormal clots in embalmers for public health and safety.
  • Abnormal clots in embalmers can lead to significant health risks such as stroke and heart issues. 3:45

  • Researcher Thomas Havland has raised awareness about the high percentage of embalmers experiencing abnormal clots. 4:56

  • Concerns raised about lack of government or public bodies collecting data on abnormal clots in embalmers. 5:25

  • Criticism faced by researchers for sharing findings on abnormal clots due to ethical concerns. 6:25

  • Call for investigation to determine the cause of abnormal clots, whether related to the virus, vaccine, or other factors. 6:39

  • FDA responds stating no safety signals for fibrous blood clots with covid-19 vaccines based on their monitoring program. 7:02

Neglected health concerns reminiscent of historical cover-ups in the asbestos industry.
  • FDA neglects to regulate potential health risks of kava consumption. 7:11

  • Lack of interest from regulators in investigating concerning survey results. 8:08

  • Similarities drawn between current health issues and past asbestos industry cover-ups. 9:45

History of asbestos industry negligence leading to health risks and cover-ups.
  • Asbestos industry was a multibillion dollar industry employing over 200,000 people from 1940 to 1980. 11:13

  • Financial interests and power hindered government intervention in addressing asbestos-related issues. 11:24

  • Negligence towards worker safety and health for financial gain was evident in the industry. 11:55

  • Discovery of asbestos health risks dates back to 1929, but industry leaders denied knowledge to evade responsibility. 12:49

  • Scientific evidence linking asbestos exposure to cancer emerged in 1962, leading to increased awareness. 13:37

  • Initial safety standards were upgraded in the UK in response to asbestos dangers, but industry manipulation persisted. 15:04

Historical coverup of health risks, financial implications, and advocacy for change.
  • Long-standing coverup of asbestos risks for financial gai. 15:29

  • Ongoing compensation for asbestos exposure victims’ familie. 16:02

  • Importance of advocacy in addressing health and financial implication. 17:20

  • Need for everyone to recognize the significance of past health issue. 17:28

  • Urgent call for investigating embalmer clots and potential health risk. 18:07