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Importance of analyzing autopsy data in understanding COVID-19 pathology and severity.
  • Dr. McMillan emphasizes the significance of conducting autopsies to comprehend severe COVID-19 cases. 0:00

  • Research on autoimmune perspective of COVID-19 sheds light on disease severity patterns. 0:20

  • Highlighting the need for more autopsies, especially in vaccinated individuals, to gather essential pathological data. 1:00

  • Announcement of an online course to analyze recent autopsy paper from Italy for deeper insights into COVID-19 pathology. 1:26

  • Emphasizing the importance of understanding COVID-19 pathology before and after vaccination for comprehensive insights. 3:01

Challenges in conducting autopsies on vaccinated COVID-19 patients and the need for understanding pathology differences.
  • Autopsies on vaccinated COVID-19 patients are crucial to understand pathology differences. 3:35

  • Delay in conducting autopsies on vaccinated COVID-19 patients compared to unvaccinated cases. 4:20

  • Importance of studying viral dissemination and pathology in vaccinated COVID-19 fatalities. 4:40

  • Need to explore different treatment approaches for vaccinated vs. unvaccinated COVID-19 patients. 6:02

  • Challenges and regulations hindering the process of conducting autopsies on vaccinated COVID-19 patients. 6:32

Importance of conducting autopsies on vaccinated individuals who died of COVID-19.
  • Emphasizes the need for Pathologists to study the disease through autopsies. 7:51

  • Calls for a change in direction to conduct more autopsies, especially on vaccinated individuals. 8:34

  • Highlights the importance of understanding the mechanisms leading to death in COVID-19 cases. 8:59

  • Encourages participation in a COVID vaccinated deaths course for further analysis. 9:18

  • Stresses the urgency for more research to be done in this area. 9:42