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Analysis of deaths in vaccinated COVID-19 patients based on autopsy findings.
  • Discussion on fatal outcomes in vaccinated COVID-19 patient. 0:05

  • Importance of understanding causes of quick deaths in COVID-19 patient. 0:40

  • Detailed breakdown of autopsy cases into partially and fully vaccinated patient. 1:47

  • Focus on changes in lung parenchyma in COVID-19 death. 2:27

  • Offering access to detailed data for further analysis on Substack platfor. 2:51

Analysis of lung pathology in COVID-19 cases reveals critical role of microthrombi in oxygen exchange.
  • Healthy lung tissue compared to COVID-19 affected lungs. 3:26

  • Importance of alveoli in oxygen-carbon dioxide exchange. 3:33

  • Inflammation progression from healthy to severe in COVID-19 lungs. 4:02

  • Comparison of healthy and diseased lung tissue under microscope. 4:43

  • Microthrombi in lungs block blood vessels, hindering oxygen exchange. 5:35

Analysis of comorbidities in vaccinated and partially vaccinated patients leading to poor lung capacity and ventilation issues.
  • Poor lung capacity in vaccinated patients leading to ventilator dependency and low survival rates. 5:56

  • Importance of examining autopsy details for understanding comorbidities associated with COVID-19 patients. 6:27

  • High prevalence of hypertension among patients with comorbidities. 7:14

  • Encouragement to join the journey of understanding COVID-19 and other related topics. 7:20

  • Appreciation for supporters and commitment to providing updated scientific information. 8:00