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Government distrust and lack of courage contribute to silence on controversial issues.
  • Distrust of government intentions and suspicion of political elites’ disregard for citizens. 0:32

  • Fear of consequences such as loss of income and societal pressure leading to silence. 2:31

  • Idolatry of government due to decline in faith, leading to blind agreement with government actions. 3:03

Importance of understanding history, concern for individual rights, and impact of COVID on social interactions.
  • Family history of fighting for freedom and human right. 4:32

  • Emphasis on knowing history to avoid repeating past mistake. 5:05

  • Concern about government and population behavior during COVI. 5:50

  • Impact of COVID on social interactions and information source. 6:15

  • Observation of people becoming more antisocial and isolate. 6:23

Comparison between historical compliance with unethical regimes and current legal profession's lack of knowledge on common law principles.
  • Legal and medical professions compliance with Nazi regime undermined their own ethics. 7:17

  • Concern over Australian legal professionals not upholding rule of law and individual rights. 7:35

  • Lack of basic legal history and jurisprudence education in law schools leading to blind obedience to government. 8:12

  • Comparison drawn between idolization of Hitler by German society and current adoration of certain leaders. 8:35

  • Popularity does not equate to goodness or protection of fundamental rights and freedoms. 9:22