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Insights on COVID-19 developments in 2022 by Dr. Philip McMillan, focusing on vaccination outcomes and scientific approach.
  • Dr. McMillan’s early prediction on challenges with Omicron varian. 0:23

  • Linking autoimmunity in COVID-19 to the movie ‘Don’t Look Up. 1:57

  • Importance of focusing on science and preparing for worst outcome. 3:13

  • Highlight of a video on COVID-19 vaccine deaths with over 250,000 view. 3:36

  • Concern over lack of published autopsy studies on vaccinated COVID-19 death. 4:14

Insights on COVID-19 trends, treatments, and ethical considerations from Dr. Philip McMillan in 2022.
  • Discussion on the importance of conducting more autopsies in the medical industry. 4:32

  • Exploration of the conspiracy theory surrounding the early research on steroids for COVID-19 treatment. 4:41

  • Emphasis on the need for thorough research and investigation into treatment options for COVID-19. 4:58

  • Challenges faced in freely expressing scientific ideas on social media due to misinformation concerns. 5:39

  • Highlighting concerning trends of increased mortality in younger age groups across Europe. 6:08

  • Ethical considerations regarding COVID-19 vaccination in children presented by Dr. Ross Jones. 7:33

  • Insights from Gert Van Den Bosch on the pandemic and accurate predictions related to Omicron. 8:19

Highlights of COVID-19 observations and reviews in 2022 by Dr. Philip McMillan.
  • Observation of low Omicron levels in Africa compared to highly vaccinated regions. 9:27

  • Increased viral dissemination in vaccinated cohorts affecting virus control. 10:12

  • Importance of critically analyzing COVID-19 vaccines to maintain public trust. 11:01

  • Inefficiency in the use of steroids as a critical part of COVID-19 treatment. 12:06

  • Anticipation of a COVID-19 tsunami in late 2022 with potential excess deaths over 100 million. 12:57

  • Contradiction of Biden’s statement on the end of the pandemic with the spread of Omicron in Africa. 13:23

Highlights of Dr. Philip McMillan's research on COVID-19 in 2022, focusing on scientific observations, challenges to mainstream viewpoints, and long COVID analysis.
  • Dr. McMillan challenges mainstream scientific viewpoints and emphasizes the importance of studying critical observations. 13:49

  • Dr. McMillan was deleted from LinkedIn in October 2022 for sharing scientific analysis deemed as misinformation. 14:14

  • The patent on the SARS-CoV-2 virus raises questions about its origin and should be of global interest. 15:04

  • Dr. McMillan highlights the significance of long COVID and the need for research to understand its impact. 16:18

  • The Long COVID Coalition Congress in June 2022 aimed to bring together experts to address the impact of long COVID. 16:50

  • Dr. McMillan created a separate platform to focus on long COVID research and share insights from conferences. 17:00

  • Dr. McMillan has been researching long COVID since at least April 2021, emphasizing the importance of understanding the disease. 17:58

Insights on COVID-19 science, importance of research, and vigilance in the ongoing pandemic.
  • COVID-19 science requires thorough analysis and objectivity in understanding the disease. 18:14

  • Vaccine-induced myocarditis is a significant concern in the population, especially in relation to sudden cardiac death. 18:47

  • COVID-19 is not just another flu; healthcare workers have faced significant challenges and losses during the pandemic. 19:43

  • Dr. Philip McMillan emphasizes the importance of applying science and research to combat COVID-19 in honor of healthcare workers. 20:25

  • Continued vigilance and adherence to safety measures are crucial as the pandemic may enter a difficult phase. 20:52

  • Joining Dr. McMillan on Substack can provide insights and strategies ahead of time in navigating the pandemic. 21:16