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COVID-19 can lead to long-term immunodeficiency, warned by German Health Minister.
  • Severe COVID-19 is caused by an autoimmune response triggered by the virus. 0:23

  • Viral infection affects T cells and B cells, leading to immunodeficiency. 2:05

  • Research shows SARS-CoV-2 causes immunodeficiency in recovered patients. 2:59

  • Immune system changes post-infection can be comparable to HIV-related immunodeficiency. 3:34

Risk of developing incurable immune deficiency after multiple COVID infections discussed by German Health Minister
  • Multiple COVID infections may lead to immune deficiency and chronic diseases like dementi. 4:24

  • Concerns raised about serious consequences on the immune system from several coronavirus infection. 5:29

  • Africa seemingly unaffected by COVID, prompting the need to consider other factors like elephant. 6:47

  • Importance of objective science in understanding and managing diseases like COVI. 7:28

Importance of addressing overlooked issues in clinical presentations and following science for disease management.
  • Certain patterns cannot be explained, highlighting the seriousness of the issue. 7:47

  • Urgent need to address the issue to have tools for mitigation in clinical practice. 8:11

  • Importance of recognizing and addressing elephants in the room for better understanding of clinical impacts. 8:27

  • Challenges in facing issues hindering advances in disease management and learning from current situations. 9:21

  • Emphasis on the need for objective science, finding answers, and staying informed for better disease management. 9:50