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Pfizer's questionable press release timing and revenue update regarding COVID products.
  • The timing of the press release raised questions about burying bad news and lack of transparency. 0:00

  • The opening of European markets for PAX loid was highlighted, providing greater access to the Coronavirus protease inhibitor. 0:00

  • The press release was issued on a Friday at 4:30 p.m. during a global crisis, raising suspicions of evasiveness. 0:00

  • Approximately 7.9 million treatment courses of government inventory were returned. 0:00

  • Pfizer revised revenue guidance for 2023 due to COVID products, reducing PAX loid revenues by 7 billion. 0:00

Important safety information about Pfizer vaccine, including risks for adolescents and pregnant individuals.
  • Pfizer’s revision of revenue estimates due to lower vaccination rates and non-cash reversals. 4:45

  • Adolescent males 12-17 most affected by myocarditis post-vaccination. 6:45

  • Subclinical myocarditis risks not adequately addressed in Pfizer’s release. 7:29

  • Importance of informing vaccination provider about medical conditions, including allergies and fever. 8:00

  • Concerns raised about using vaccine in pregnant individuals without risk differentiation. 8:24

Pfizer discloses risks associated with its vaccine, highlighting concerns about long-term autoimmune complications.
  • FDA mandates disclosure of risks associated with Pfizer’s vaccine and other product. 9:26

  • Concerns raised about potential long-term autoimmune complications due to immunestimulatio. 11:15

  • Importance of understanding disease mechanisms and long-term impacts of vaccinatio. 12:02

  • Research indicates likelihood of significant increase in autoimmunity over the next few year. 12:10

  • Urgency in addressing concerns amidst an international crisi. 12:55