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Insights on Amish response to COVID-19 without vaccines and outcomes from recent research.
  • Amish community faced COVID-19 without vaccines, emphasizing virtues over mainstream practices. 0:14

  • Unique approach of Amish community led to high COVID-19 transmission rates. 2:09

  • Excess deaths remained elevated among Amish and Mennonite communities post availability of vaccines. 3:34

Insights from Amish community's response to COVID-19, including herd immunity and cultural beliefs.
  • Amish community faced COVID-19 by continuing normal activities and avoiding hospitals. 4:46

  • Patterns of COVID-19 peaks in Amish community aligned with national trends. 4:49

  • Prioritized community gatherings over strict COVID-19 measures. 5:53

  • Steve Nolt, a scholar on Amish culture, observed return to normalcy by mid-May 2020. 6:13

  • Achieved herd immunity by May 2020, with skepticism from outsiders. 6:48

  • Cultural beliefs led to reluctance in testing and seeking medical help. 7:00

  • Amish community valued personal experience of sickness over formal testing. 7:08

Insights from Amish community's response to COVID-19 and vaccines, highlighting key factors and outcomes.
  • Amish community faced COVID-19 impact directly, leading to excess death. 7:43

  • Understanding severe COVID-19 science crucial, linked to viral load and interferon respons. 8:28

  • High viral load with delayed interferon response increases risk of severe diseas. 9:40

  • Amish community did not experience significantly higher death rates compared to other area. 10:54

  • Limited data on Amish vaccination rates, but likely few adults received COVID-19 vaccin. 11:06

  • English population vaccination coverage praised, reducing need for masks and allowing freedo. 11:19

  • Amish community stayed open, achieved lower death rates without strict measures like masking or lockdown. 11:29

Insights from Amish community on COVID-19 impact and vaccination rates in Ohio.
  • Amish community in Holmes had low vaccination rates but still lower COVID-19 deaths. 11:52

  • Delaware with high vaccination rates had lower COVID-19 deaths, showing vaccine impact. 12:16

  • Ohio data showed varying death rates across regions regardless of vaccination rates. 13:07

  • Trend analysis of COVID-19 deaths would provide more valuable insights than static data. 14:14

  • Vaccination rates did not significantly impact Amish community’s outcomes. 15:41

  • Amish community’s way of life remained unaffected by vaccination rates. 15:54

Understanding excess mortality trends amidst COVID-19 vaccine impact raises critical questions.
  • Excess deaths persist above baseline across age groups up to April 2023. 16:28

  • Challenges in identifying causes of excess mortality, especially in non-vaccinated communities. 17:10

  • Questions arise on why deaths continue above baseline despite low COVID-19 mortality. 17:53

  • Over a million COVID-19 deaths in the US prompt crucial unanswered inquiries. 18:00

  • Importance of addressing unanswered questions despite political reluctance. 18:15