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The potential impact of Spike Protein binding to Estrogen Receptors on fertility and autoimmunity.
  • Dr. McMillan’s research focuses on autoimmunity in COVID-1. 0:03

  • Concerns about infertility risk due to Spike Protein interactions with estrogen receptor. 0:55

  • Significant findings on Spike Protein binding and modulating estrogen receptor. 2:41

  • Estrogen and estrogen receptors play a crucial role in cellular function. 3:07

  • Impact of Spike Protein on estrogen receptors could have widespread implication. 3:40

Interaction between spike protein and estrogen receptor may impact disease severity in men.
  • Spike protein interacts with human estrogen receptor ER Alpha, potentially impacting immunity. 3:57

  • Estrogen receptor binding by spike protein could lead to autoimmune response, similar to ACE2 antibodies. 6:06

  • E2 estrogen is crucial for activating estrogen receptors within cells, affecting cellular functions. 6:40

Potential long-term impacts of spike protein binding to estrogen receptors on menopausal symptoms and population health.
  • Women may experience more severe menopausal symptoms due to spike protein impact on estrogen receptors. 7:14

  • Appreciation for donors supporting research efforts and presentation sharing. 8:07

  • Concerns about long-term effects of spike protein circulation and binding to body proteins. 8:55

  • Autoimmunity effects may take years to manifest, posing serious risks to population health. 9:24

  • Urgent need for mitigation to prevent potential horrendous impacts on population health. 9:34