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Exploring the importance of research standards in myocarditis associated with Covid-19 vaccines.
  • Study on prevalence of myocarditis in athletes with SARS-CoV-2 infection in May 2021. 1:44

  • Private funding supported a comprehensive study on myocarditis risks. 2:39

  • Covid-19 poses significant risks, including myocarditis even in non-severe cases. 3:10

  • Vaccination of younger population aimed at preventing myocarditis risks. 3:46

  • Myocarditis can also occur post-vaccination, necessitating research and vigilance. 4:03

Comprehensive research on myocarditis in athletes with COVID-19 revealed subclinical cases and long-term effects.
  • Study used four modalities to assess myocarditis in athletes with COVID-19. 4:42

  • Research findings included subclinical myocarditis cases and residual damage post-infection. 6:04

  • Question raised on lack of similar in-depth research for COVID-19 vaccinations in colleges. 8:05

Lack of comprehensive research on myocarditis risk post Covid vaccination is concerning.
  • Critical need for research on myocarditis risk post Covid vaccinatio. 8:34

  • Significant findings of myocarditis cases post Covid infectio. 9:36

  • High risk of myocarditis post booster doses highlighted in recent stud. 10:44

  • Concerns raised about scientific community’s reluctance to address risk. 11:24