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Questioning the attribution of falling debts to vaccinations during the pandemic.
  • Debating the correlation between falling debts and vaccination rates in countries. 0:03

  • Challenging the classification of questioning as misinformation. 0:18

  • Exploring the concept of ‘change of definition’ in the context of pandemic information. 1:00

  • Proposing a redefinition of misinformation based on contradicting the prevailing narrative. 1:28

Analysis of misinformation during Covid pandemic, questioning data accuracy and censorship.
  • Leaders portrayed as incompetent and misinformed, leading to censorship threats. 1:45

  • Doubts raised on accuracy of data regarding vaccine deaths on social media. 2:19

  • Importance of transparent and clear information for public education and awareness. 3:06

  • Criticism on incomplete information provided during Covid period. 3:13

  • Successful challenge against OSHA mandate highlighted as a personal achievement. 3:20

Misinformation and lack of transparency in justifying vaccine mandates during the pandemic.
  • Vaccine adverse event reporting system not mentioned in 490-page document for mandating injections. 3:42

  • Importance of critical thinking and verifying information received from various sources. 4:05

  • Encouraging public to question and seek references for information rather than relying on censorship. 4:15