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Lack of published data on adverse events of COVID-19 vaccine booster doses in recent Israeli study.
  • Study in Israel showed reduction in severe COVID-19 cases with booster doses. 0:28

  • Significant reduction in risk of severe disease but no data on adverse events. 3:24

  • Discussion on LinkedIn highlighted the lack of published data on adverse events. 4:02

Lack of autopsy reports for COVID-19 vaccine booster deaths raises concerns about adverse effects and risks.
  • Only 1% of booster recipients sought medical attention, but potential adverse effects could affect 1200 people out of 1.2 million. 4:40

  • Concerns about lack of scientific rigor and fear driving responses to COVID-19 vaccination. 5:28

  • Risk of thromboembolic events and need for detailed research on tissue and serum for vaccine safety. 6:18

  • Importance of setting clear criteria and evaluating before changing course of action in response to the pandemic. 7:32

  • Calls for autopsy and analysis of serum and tissue for deaths related to COVID-19 vaccine boosters. 8:18

Importance of analyzing data on severe COVID-19 cases post booster doses for informed decisions.
  • Analyzing data on severe COVID-19 cases post booster doses is crucial for informed decisions. 8:42

  • Balancing reduction in severe cases with adverse events and deaths is essential. 10:09

  • Research in Israel provides valuable insights for finding solutions in the pandemic. 10:41

  • Need to focus on science and relevant data to make the best decisions during the pandemic. 11:01

  • Continued discussions and sharing of thoughts globally to enhance understanding. 11:29